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Logging v0.3.0

Logging is a logging library for Roblox that takes after Python's logging library. It has no dependencies and is lightweight.


local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Logging = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Logging"))
-- Do this just once at startup:
Logging:basicConfig{level="Debug"; format="%(name)s:%(level)s:%(message)s"}
-- Now log events when they happen:
Logging:debug("Hello, world")
-- Using a Logger object for your module/game:
local logger = Logging:getLogger("MyGame")
logger:debug("Created %d zombies", 5)
logger:info("Starting round with %d players", 2)
logger:warning("Watch out, the %s might %s", "balloon", "pop")
logger:error("DataStores might be down")
logger:critical("A real showstopper, closing server")
-- Filter logs lower than a certain level:
-- Use child loggers for subsystems:
logger:getChild("DataStores"):info("Loaded player data")

Dive right into the Getting Started guide for more.


  • Visual Studio Code
  • Markdown (.md) linted using markdownlint
  • Luau code (.lua) linted using selene
  • Built using Rojo 7:
    • default.project.json builds the library as a model, can be included in other Rojo projects which depend on this library.
    • test.project.json builds a place which runs unit tests (open in Roblox Studio and click Run).
      • Tests can be found in tests/Tests.lua
  • Makefile included with several useful targets (test, serve) which operate on the Rojo project files above.
  • wally.toml: package manifest for wally
  • moonwave.toml Configuration for building documentation using Moonwave